Bone Gap Rabbitry

Welcome to our site! My name is Michelle Edmundson and I live in Bone Gap, Illinois with my family. We came upon rabbits as a hobby and 4H activity in 2010 when my daughter begged for a bunny for her birthday. Along the way we have learned a lot and added also, we are now currently raising Mini Rex in the tort variety and Champagne D'Argents. Now we enjoy them together with other members of our family, friends and neighbors, and enjoy our local 4H. Please browse through the site and if you have any questions feels free to contact us, and thanks!~



I am a member of ARBA, National Mini Rex Rabbit Club and the Champagne Federation, we try to get to a few shows in the spring and fall in addition to our local fair, that is really all time allows for us as I work nights full time as an OB nurse, and the kids are busy with school, band, 4H and their sports, if you see us at a show, please say hi, we are always looking to expand our growing group of rabbit buddies!

Steve & Michelle Edmundson & family


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